I.R.A. leaching tests


The evaluation of the release of substances from the plastic material to food is regulated specifically by EU Regulation 10/2011 establishes THAT:

  • A list of authorized substances for the manufacture of materials and objects
  • any restrictions on use of substances
  • limits of global migration and / or specification.

For global migration is the amount of substance that is sold on the material to a liquid that simulates the extraction capacity of the food; it does not identify what is migrated but measures the total amount of substances released by the material in the test conditions.

The specific migration is instead the quantification, in simulating liquid, the / substance / used and / and in the production of the material.


  • Corrosion in tin-plate containers
  • Specific migration
  • Acetaldehyde of preforms to water
  • Study of corrosion on aluminum containers
  • Study of corrosion of tin plate containers
  • Study of corrosion of containers painted
  • Leaching tests with simulants type abcd1 d2 e
  • Toxicological risk assessment of damage of the materials intended for human consumption

Guidelines on testing conditions for articles in contact with foodstuffs as JRC European Commission